Professional camera crew will support you promote the appeal of the video and movies to the audiences.
Our staff will film any kind of videos to fit your need in creation, with such skills acquired through experiences in television programmes and shows. 
We will accommodate every request: from a simple shoot involving just one camera operator to requiring multiple crews, including drones used in aerial videos.


  • 1. Working with the “world” - We will accommodate with every kind of shooting from land to sea to sky.

    We will accommodate the ENG shooting in every situation: Variety shows with multiple cameras, documentaries with just one cameraman, factual-entertainment programmes needing a  cameraman and a video/sound engineer. Licensed personnel by the Japan UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Industrial Development Association will be operating the drones, as well as a staff with much experience, that are license in diving, will conduct the videography in all kinds of water-based settings such as: ocean, river, and pool.

  • 2. Producing technical 
    aspects of Dramas, Television Advertisements, and Re-enactment dramas.

    In drama production, a full team made up from each department in shooting, lighting, and recording will not only be responsible for the videographing to finishing  touches, but also will be able to organize a team utilizing the ENG-style shooting and know-how obtained through creating re-enactment dramas often used in entertainment programmes. We have, in the past, conducted 3-personel shoot, shooting serial drama with a cameraman, a sound engineer, and cameraman’s assistant. A staff can play multiple roles, but we are also able to accommodate your request like needing just the sound engineer for sound recording or staff in charge of just the lighting. Please feel free to reach out to us any time for consultation.

  • 3. Recording and 
    webcasting the multi-system material using numbers of cameras.

    Using the know-how through experiences in shooting for television programmes like  entertainment shows, we can provide you with recording the seminars conducted by companies and events, using the multi-shooting approach, with number of cameras according to the size of the venue and the scale. Our company utilizes a special technical system called the “Live U;” a simple relay broadcasting system which uses mobile data, just like the LTE and 4Gs seen in cell phone devices. This way, we will provide you with not only relay broadcast and video transmission but also connecting to various media outlets to conduct webcasting and live streaming, according to the material produced at a reduced cost.